The Brief

Sally has developed a brilliant and unique photography style, documenting people at home or in places which are meaningful to them. Sally wanted a pared down website to reflect her style and had a very specific template in mind for her new site. Sally needed an online forum where pictures took centre stage but also one which would be easy for her to maintain. She needed somewhere for clients to view her portfolio and also the images from their own photoshoots. 

Delivering the Project

Sally is a joy to be around and working with her was a very enjoyable, collaborative process.  We worked through the finer points of what she needed and had to consider what she wanted to port across from her old site. I needed to ensure we stayed true to Sally's vision for her site and we adapted some of the design where we felt it would suit her content better.



What Sally had to say...

I was really concerned when I knew I had to have a website for my business as I knew very little about how websites worked or were put together. I also knew it was really important to have a clear and professional website, however I did not need to worry as Yellerbee were great and made the whole process so easy. All the way through the process they held my hand, from the first meeting they had lots of ideas to help me create an interesting and effective site. They were clear about what copy I needed to supply and worked effectively to very high standards and clear deadlines. Lenny and Lyndsey were a pleasure to work with, and helped me work out how to get the most out of my website. They were both so approachable and really took time to understand what I wanted and also to help me with designing the site. When everything was ready they gave me essential training on how to maintain the site and I cannot recommend them enough. They even brought florentines to help the meetings run even smoother!
— Sally Hornung